Design + Direction

Unordered List 2018—3/9

— Spike Jonze is one of my favorite commercial directors, he just killed it again for Apple. I love the way he deals with technology in all of his work, from both a conceptual and practical approach.

— Really, really enjoyed Alex Garland's directorial debut, Annihilation, but perplexed with the decisions made for the ending. Come to think of it, I had the same issue with the last scenes of Ex Machina.

— Favorite episodes of Amazon's Electric Dreams: Kill All Others, Real Life, Safe and Sounds. Possibly in that order. Also, skip the terrible intro (it's like an homage to the Twilight Zone after Rod Serling :|)— watch this glossy killer teaser from Royale instead. 

— As a huge Nintendo fan (Genius.), I love the idea behind this AR prototype and this 3D VR Emulator. 

Love this parallax effect that makes great use of face-tracking via ARKit. I toyed with a similar idea a few months ago using this Headtrackr JS library, here's a fantastic demo.