Creative direction + design for motion and new media experiences.


Hola, my name is Roberto.

I am a designer with an innate curiosity about the world. This manifests itself through late nights working on side projects and continued learning. I’m particularly interested in projects at the intersection of art and technology. My previous work includes direction, design and animation for branding, film/commercials and new media like Virtual and Augmented Reality.



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I was born in a beautiful coastal city in Mexico… but, before I turned two, my family emigrated to a tiny rural farming town in the U.S. Growing up, my parents were migrant farm laborers and, by default, so was I. Outside of work, school and sports, I became fascinated by technology when my name was drawn out of a top hat in the 7th grade. My science teacher gave me his ancient i-386 computer running Windows 3.11. With the help of a kindred soul, I immediately discovered and became one with the web. This led to my first encounters with programming and art, as well as the law.

Thanks to a scholarship from Bill and the CSF, I was the first in my family to attend a university. Although I graduated with a BFA at an unfortunate time, I eventually broke into this industry which seemed like a distant dream for most of my life.

Lately, I’ve started making strides towards giving back to my community by volunteering my time and story to engage with students of similar backgrounds. Right now, I’m working with the CSF and CSF Alumni’s in this capacity. I hope to continue these efforts so if you see an opportunity where I could be helpful, please get in touch.


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